Welcome to the Blogosphere? OR I need to really get my blog going

So a year ago I created a WordPress blog in order to share my thoughts and my adventures and misadventures in becoming an entrepreneur with the world and hopefully those of you who might care what I’m doing.

I thought of this as an important exercise as well in that I have no entrepreneurial experience and no partner in this adventure, so providing this window would help me help you help me.

What I didn’t realize is how much writing a blog is not part of any routine I’ve ever had.  I am a quick hit idea guy who loves to collaborate on an idea with others, and by collaborate, I mean I like to monologue my idea with many other people and get their feedback.

So, when it came to writing my blog, any idea I would get I would enter into my task management system as a task that needs to be done, but these were always lowest on my priorities list, so alas, they wouldn’t get created.  Not to mention, the few blog posts I did create seemed to be such painful efforts of writing and rewriting that it was hard to get the same motion forward on writing another.  As someone who’s not a writer by trade, my thoughts scatter and run coupled with the amount of time it takes to research the things I think versus knowing and the next thing I know I’ve spent over 3 hours putting together a post, one post.

Well, “irregardless” of this approach, I realize that it’s been a year now and my blog is very sparse, still with the default WordPress theme, and I have a backlog of post ideas I need to write.  So before I venture off to SXSWi, I’m challenging myself to get a good deal of posts done (and back date them) so that when I hand out my plain business cards at the conference, people who actually follow the web address to this blog will have something worth reading.

First things first, I downloaded and installed Windows Live Writer to compose my posts because let’s face it, as a writing medium, the WordPress blog editor is terrible.  So far so good.

After that, making a routine of blogging will be the challenge, but more about that in another post.

If you have any tips for me that you have successfully employed, please let me know in the comments section. Thanks.



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